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Future Love Hangover - Jack Prest

LISTEN: https://sincereinput.com/

Jack Prest - Lead Artist, Producer

Jordan Stokes - Lead Photography & Design 

Joe Wilson & Chanelle Collier - Props, Creative Fabricators


The Sincere Input Exhibition held for one day at Erskineville Town Hall celebrated the release of Jack Prest’s Future Love Hangover's third album: Sincere Input, and the surrounding body of visual artwork. 

Featuring art objects, imagery and video elements created in collaboration with Joe Wilson, Chanelle Collier and Jordan Charles Stokes, these art elements make up the broader interdisciplinary world that surrounds the music of Future Love Hangover and represents an integral part of the project. Alongside these interdisciplinary elements was the first public opportunity to hear the album in full, via the pink-shape headphone apparatus.


Sincere Input has been released following the exhibition, July 10th, via a custom built website. By making his own online platform Prest has asserted his own aesthetic and control of the interface with his album; he does so in consideration of how music is consumed, mediated, and homogenised, by online platforms (such as youtube, spotify or soundcloud) where the agency of artists is limited in a visual and performative sense.

The Sincere Input Exhibition followed the release of 3 singles from the Sincere Input Album, where two of the releases were staged as happenings in Sydney public space. Single Out Of Space happened  March 3rd in Camperdown Park, Newtown; and single Secret Waters happened May 5th in First Fleet Park, The Rocks, where the footage was utilised for the video clip of the third single Location 16/ Do It To Me Good.

"For me this project as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For each album I've done with FLH, the visual and multimedia elements have been essential to the experience of the music and with Sincere Input this has been heightened with the involvement of visual collaborators. The title of the project embodies its conceptual core. Sincere is defined as free from pretence or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings. Input is defined as what is put in, taken in, or operated on by any process or system. The team were guided by this mindset throughout, we have never been sure what we are doing or why we are doing it but it is honest and uncontrived. This exhibition invites the viewer to take the project in as a whole and IRL."

J P - Future Love Hangover

Future Love Hangover is an ongoing Multi-disciplinary conceptual artwork by Sydney based artist and music producer Jack Prest. Jack’s work has been featured at Sydney Festival, Vivid Festival, Freespace Festival (Hong Kong), Tanz Im (Berlin), Sydney Opera House, Big Day Out and in media outlets such as Triple J, Rage, BBC, NTS, Pitchfork, Spin Magazine, Thump (Vice) and Earmilk. As a producer and engineer Jack has worked with artists such as Jonti, Sampa The Great, Godriguez, Golden Vessel and The Preatures.




From Left: Miles Sharma-Constance; Benjamin Freeman; Jack Prest; Joe Wilson; Chanelle Collier

From Left: Miles Sharma-Constance; Benjamin Freeman; Jack Prest; Joe Wilson; Chanelle Collier

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