HANGOVER: Summer of '68


497 Parramatta rd. Leichhardt. NSW

Joe Wilson & Chanelle Collier


HANGOVER: Summer of ’68 is a new collaboration by Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier featuring a large-scale installation in the downstairs gallery of Articulate Projects. Sections of vibrant canvas sewn into long panels and tied to the walls, the roof, and floor of the gallery, are made from vintage family sized tents. They form readymade compositions of line and colour referring to non-objective painting styles.

Thinking beyond the medium of paint and embracing the experimental model of exhibiting that is key to Articulate Projects, Wilson and Collier draw attention to the artwork as a social object. The material is refashioned from pioneer Andre Jamet’s French brand of tents from 1968. The year corresponds to both a peak in recreational camping activities as well as global civil rights protests including the revolutionary May ‘68 workers strikes in Paris.

As a cultural form with associations to urban escape and political resistance, the tents denote the polarities of camping and protest, freedom and hardship, nostalgia and destitution. Here it has been breached, opened up, and reconstructed where latent energy is held in the tension of fabric as effort that is stored in a battery-like capture of the kinetic energy used in the labour of its stretching and manipulation.

Hangover is the first of Articulate's Changing Place program, which focuses on whole-space installation to emphasise relationships between a work and its location.

Exhibition funded by Inner West Council, supported by Higher Ground Studios, and sponsored by Grifter Brewing Co. 

Installation Photography: Anna Cuthill



The Space Between

C3, Gallery 6

Abbortford Convent, Melbourne

Curated by Siobhan Sloper

Noriko Nakamura, Marko Radosavljevic, Chanelle Collier And Joe Wilson


The space between explores the abstraction of architectural ideas and forms. Each artist has used their differing and unique, cultural and visual histories as a lens through which to reinterpret the architecture of C3, Abbotsford Convent and interrogate the ways we shape, construct and personify our buildings and in turn how they shape us.

Installation photography: Aaron Christopher Rees



Mrs. Spring Fragrance


137 Bayswater Rd. Rushcutters Bay, NSW,

Clara Ianni, Gabriel Rico, Joe Wilson & Chanelle Collier, Anna McMahon

13 July, 2018 - 3 August, 2018

Mrs. Spring Fragrance focuses on personal reactions and responses to cross cultural and physical movement. These responses may stem from a connection to one’s land and positive experiences in another, geo-political exploitation of cultural symbols and objects or contrasts in perception and acceptance of sexuality and gender differences in new locations. The title references a collection of short stories of the same name, written by Sui Sin Far and published in 1912, which details the struggles and triumphs of immigrant families in North America during the late 19th century.


Images courtesy of Coma Gallery