MOMENTUMCollaboration Joe Wilson / Chanelle Collier

Factory 49.

49 Shepherd St. Marrickville. 2204

Barriers and driving forces guide a haptic encounter in Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier’s fourth collaboration. Spatial and kinetic forms emphasise the authority of signs to instruct the position of persons or objects. The exhibition self-references its own event by taking on a quasi-theatrical tone and a parody of objects within and without the gallery space. Making use of the readymade in consideration of Painting, combined with automatic forms of labour, Momentum is an exhibition of new works that produce signals of position.

Exhibition runs: 13th - 22nd July. Thurs - Sat 2 - 6pm

Installation Photography: Tawfik Elgazzar



Bench 1, 2, & 3, 2017. 

45 x 56 x 32cm; 45 x 112 x 32cm; 45 x 168 x 32cm. 

Timber, QD enamel.


Bollard Set + Fan, 2017.

185 x 200 x 80cm (Ensemble).

Industrial Fan, timber, sash cord, engineering brick


Rope Line Installation. 2017.

Dimensions vary, 6 - 24 L/M.

Timber, sash cord, engineering brick.


Banner, 2017.

156 x 200cm. Dye sublimation Print on Fabric.