Joe Wilson & Chanelle Collier.   Decor Landscape.  2015. Installation View, Peir2/3, Walsh Bay,  (Imperative Series). 
 Mountain Set, 2014. Constructed Image at Mils Gallery with Michael Bennett
 Joe Wilson & Chanelle Collier.  Product Pack   2015. Installation View, Peir2/3, Walsh Bay. 
  Transaesthetic Landscapes.  2015. Installation View. Image courtesy of  M Contemporary
  Transaesthetic Landscapes.  2015. Installation View. Intervention courtesy of  M Contemporary
  Show Bags (Sydney Contemporary, Spring 1883),  2016. Mixed media showbag of artist studio goodies.  Sydney Contemporary Landscape,  2016, Acrylic on canvas. 100 x 200 x 7cm
  Landscape Reproduction 2,  2015. Acrylic on polyester. 62 x 130 x 7cm.
 Studio 3. 2015
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